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Wales: compulsory sex education for children

Wales decided to implement an annual project for schools in which sex education will become compulsory subject status. Until now, parents were given the choice to decide whether their children would take part in these activities. Children will have to learn, among others the "equal existence of different family patterns", including homosexual relationships.

If the project is adopted without objection, Wales will change the arrangement of compulsory subjects, including gender and relationship education. Calling this decision a “fundamental violation of parental rights,” the NGO Safe at School stresses that parents in Wales will be powerless to defend their children against LGBT ideology.

Primary schools will be forced to inform five-year-old children about the “equal existence of different family patterns”, including those founded by same-sex couples. Parents will no longer be able to report that their child will not attend these classes.

In England also learning about sex and relationships will be compulsory from September 2020. Secondary schools will have to teach lessons on the different sexual orientations and so-called gender identity.


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