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Portuguese bishops speak up against euthanasia

In the context of a growing risk of depenalization of euthanasia in Portugal, bishops recalled the position of the Catholic Church in this matter. They expressed their support for the civic project to hold a referendum on the legalization of assisted suicide.

“The most appropriate alternative to euthanasia is palliative care, as a commitment to accompany, respect and protect human life to its natural end,” the hierarchs emphasized. They also explained that although the protection of human life is an indisputable issue, in view of the opposition of citizens regarding the issue of depenalization of abortion, the referendum may be an opportunity for this voice of society to be fully heard.

“We believe that the debate must be continued and that society must be heard on this fundamental issue of life that is never subject to referendums. But it is a way to listen to society and what it has to say on the important topic of human life and dignity,”added the bishops.

On Friday, the collection of signatures for a civil initiative to conduct a national referendum on the depenalization of euthanasia on request. This is an initiative of the #simavida movement (“just for life”), which wants to prove to politicians that depenalization of euthanasia should not be the subject of political discussion.


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