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Northern Ireland legalized same-sex marriage

Same-sex partners are now allowed to marry in Northern Ireland. Shortly after the entry into force of the new law on February 12, 2020, two lesbians got married. Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards emphasized that they were pleased that now "LGBT people are being treated on equal terms" in Northern Ireland.


“We feel honored that our wedding is a turning point in terms of gender equality in Northern Ireland (…) Westminster had to push it forward and today we can stand here,” Edwards said to the press.

Last year’s political deadlock in Northern Ireland caused some of the government’s powers to be taken over by the British parliament. The British voted for the legalization of “homosexuality” and abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy “on request”. 

“This is a good day for Northern Ireland, an important day for islands’ civil rights, and an exciting day for same-sex couples who can now register to marry,” said Labor MP Conor McGinn, the author of the amendment.


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