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This dad begged for the life of his 7-month-old unborn son. His ex aborted anyway

A particularly tragic abortion case made headlines in Colombia when a young woman obtained the abortion of her unborn child despite her ex-boyfriend’s desperate fight for the life of his baby. Juan Pablo Medina, 25, had offered to take care of his baby alone. The child's mother, and his grandmother, would not be moved, and now baby Juanse is dead.


Juan Pablo Medina, 25, had been pleading online and in the media to be allowed to save his seven-month-old son, whom the couple had already decided to have baptized under the name of Juan Sebastián, offering to take care of him alone. Now he is asking for all that is left to him: the possibility to give “Juanse” a Christian burial.

The Colombian bishops’ conference reacted strongly, calling abortion a “death penalty inflicted on the smallest and the defenseless.”

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