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US Air force authorizes headscarfs, beards and turbans

The United States Air Force allows its soldiers to wear certain external signs of religious affiliation. It has now relaxed the rules even more.


In 2018, Maysaa Ouza became the first female officer in the United States Army to wear a headscarf. Now only the “neat” and “without extravagance” look remains a requirement. You no longer have to ask for individual permission to wear certain signs of religious affiliation.

According to, this new rule is “an important step towards integration in the US Army”. The portal postulates the extension of such provisions to all types of armed forces. Until very recently, the right to wear such signs was treated individually and permits were granted quite rarely.

Kamal Singh Kalsi, president of Sikh American Veterans Alliance (SAVA), expressed his enthousiasm about this liberalization of regulations. On behalf of veterans, Sikhs called for a “coherent policy regarding signs of religious affiliation.”



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