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St. Padre Pio warned us that abortion is “the suicide of the human race”

Edward Pentin over at the National Catholic Register recently shared a fascinating story about the saint from Pietrelcina in which he predicted the demographic consequences of widespread abortion.


According to the World Bank, St. Padre Pio’s own home country, Italy, now has a fertility rate of 1.4, or about 33% below mere replacement fertility (2.1). The rate is actually currently up from its low of 1.18 in 1995. As a result, the medium age keeps rising. This is true throughout the developed world.

“The day that people lose their horror for abortion,” St. Padre Pio said, “will be the most terrible day for humanity. Abortion is not only a homicide but also a suicide.”

When the person he was speaking to expressed confusion about abortion being “suicide,” the saint explained: “The suicide of the human race will be understood by those who will see the earth populated by the elderly and depopulated of children: burnt as a desert.”

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