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Ultraconservative Islamists pose a major threat to society, Dutch intelligence says

Ultraconservative Islamists living in the Netherlands pose a serious threat, Dick Schoof, Director-general of AIVD said in a parliamentary committe hearing recently.


The radicals affiliated to the Salafi movement are working to create a parallel society in which the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is invalid.

These people are receiving material, financial and other means of support from certain countries of the Persian Gulf through which they are trying to get a foothold in Dutch mosques, he said.

In these mosques and religious schools (madrasa) children have the opportunity to learn from as early as four years old, Schoof warned.

„What we are seeing is a new Salafist generation. They speak and write well in Dutch, are familiar with our laws and they control the spaces in (Islamist) community”, AIVD Director-general said.

Many of these groups disguise themselves hiding behind a moderate surface, however they „preach hatred” within their circles against the homosexual community, for one example.

The parliamentary committee has launched an inquiry tasked to reveal „undesirable” influance in Dutch mosques, religious educational institutes and other Muslim organizations.

Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)

Photo is courtesy of Unsplash.

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