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“Libya is not a lost land for the Church”, says local priest

"Libya is not a lost land for the Church. The situation of Christians is very difficult, but we do not lose hope ". This is a statement of Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, Bishop George Bugeja. He emphasizes that there are only two churches in this Islamic country where foreigners can pray.


Bishop George Bugeja participates in the ongoing Synod of the Mediterranean in Bari, where he will talk about the challenges related to the survival of Christianity in Libya and the transfer of faith to future generations. The Franciscan emphasizes that the Church in this country needs support.

“Christians in other parts of the world cannot treat us as a relic of history (…) We are a community performing its mission in a Muslim country. We stayed in Libya even when everyone else fled because of the war”, he argues.

Despite being recognized by the State, the Church faces many restrictions in Libya. Within half a century, most of the churches and chapels were taken over or destroyed. Once there were thirty nine churches in Tripoli. Now there is only one. Even the cathedral has been turned into a mosque.


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