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‘I’ll tell you everything’: Persecuted Christian Asia Bibi promises to reveal all in new autobiography

Asia Bibi, 49, was freed last year and now lives in Canada with her family under new identities due to still receiving death threats from extremists. She released an autobiography on Wednesday called 'Free at Last' which was written in French with journalist Isabelle-Anne Tollet. (seen in picture above - from Francois Thomas/ Editions du Rocher.)


Tollet, who is a correspondent in Pakistan, became an ardent support of Bibi during her imprisonment and wrote two books about her case.

An excerpt from the book reads: “I don’t remember the dates, but there are days we don’t forget. Like 9th June, 2010. I arrived, before the sun went down, for the first time at the Shekhupura detention centre, where I spent three years before changing prison as we change houses.”

Speaking about the book, she said: “My story, you know it through the media, you may have tried to put yourself in my place to understand my suffering…But you are far from representing my daily life, in prison, or in my new life and it is why, in this book, I’ll tell you everything.

The Pakistani Christian woman who spent eight years on death row for blasphemy has also released two photographs taken in exile.

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