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New wave of refugees heading towards Europe

After at least 33 Turkish soldiers have died in Idlib province, Ankara opens the borders to Europe, thus letting hundreds of thousand of people to make their way to wherever they want.


Refugees are heading to the northwestern borders and to the sea, Asia News reported. Greek police forces are using tear gas to hold back the people coming from Turkey. 

For nearly two days, a new wave of refugees has been advancing from Turkey towards European borders, trying to cross the Aegean Sea or going towards the north-western borders of the country.

The decision not to stop migrants, made by the Turkish government followed immediately the death of 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib province, after an airstrike by Syrian forces. 

According to the Turkish foreign ministry, “the latest developments in Idlib, which have caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, have further increased the migratory pressure present in our country”.

Euronews reported that “a town in northern Turkey has offered free bus services for migrants who want to make the 550-kilometre trip to the Greek border.”

Some experts share the opinion that Ankara is using the situation for its own benefit and is pressuring the European Union to support the Turkish design in the northern part of Syria.

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