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Tristan Azbej: Churches are strategic partners in humanitarian policy

Churches are primary strategic partners in the Hungarian government’s international humanitarian programs, said Tristan Azbej, Minister of State for helping persecuted Christians at the Prime Minister’s Office and for the implementation of the Hungary Helps Programme.


Before the presentation of Archbishop Anthony Muheria in Budapest, Tristan Azbej said in his keynote speech that it would be unadvised to bypass the churches and say no to the cooperation, since their network, experience and service are essential pillars of society.

As a member of the fact-finding and humanitarian mission in Kenya last year, Tristan Azbej added, that

he is very well aware of the hard work of the churches in Kenya, making it possible for tens of millions of people to live on a decent living standard.

In many cases, except the state, the churches are the only providers of education and help to younger generations, thus lifting up people from the lower classes of society.


Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)

Photo: Azbej Tristan (Facebook)

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