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Hungary Helps Program to support the Democratic Republic of Congo with humanitarian aid

In the framework of the Hungary Helps Program, an ophthalmic center in Mbuji Mayi directed by a Hungarian oculist doctor will benefit from the humanitarian aid provided by the Hungarian government.


Richárd Hardi, a Hungarian ophthalmologist discovered Africa as a child, living in Algeria where his father was working that time. In the 1990’s he returned to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The ophthalmic center was a Hungarian initiative in 1982 and since then more than twenty-five thousand people can receive medical care in a year in a province with eight million people.

The recent humanitarian aid will help to enable the institution to perform treatments in a stable environment ensured by an eco-friendly energetical system.

Governmental and church delegation visiting the clinic in the DRC in 2019 (source: Wikipediadr. Hardi Richárd)

The College Othniel in Munanga, operated by the Foundation for Africa, will also be further developed from the Hungarian aid, including the creation of specialised training classrooms and vocational education programs.

Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC has more than twelve million people and Munanga belongs to the poorest districts in the city.

The program aims to improve the conditions of people living in this part of the capital.

The Hungary Helps Program was based on the principle that instead of bringing the problems here, we should help where the problems are. The projects, meant to ease the pressure of migration, are supported with two hundred thousand dollars by the Hungarian government.

Source: Prime Minister’s Office

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