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Tristan Azbej: Four thousand Christians were killed last year

Four thousand people were killed last year because of their Christian faith and more than a thousand churches were attacked, said Tristan Azbej, Minister of State for helping persecuted Christians at the Prime Minister’s Office this week before students in Hungary.


In his opening remarks of the charity week organized by the first high school joining the Hungary Helps Program in the city of Aszód, the Minister of State said that the initiative is not just a political conception, in fact, much more than that.

There are more than 80 countries worldwide where Christians are being persecuted, humiliated or have to live in fear because of their faith.

In some of them, the termination of Christians is among the goals to be achieved, he added.

Speaking of the plight of religious minorities, Tristan Azbej mentioned North Korea as an example where only for the possession of a Bible, people can be sentenced to death or hard labor. In spite of all these hardships, churches find a way to help these people.

Recalling an account from Africa, Christians were happier for the care and hope they received, than the aid they were provided with, he added.

Speaking before the students, Tristan Azbej said that in the framework of the Hungary Helps Programme, almost two hundred young people have the opportunity to continue their studies at Hungarian universities.


Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)

Photo: Azbej Tristan (Facebook)

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