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Kurdish terrorist group kidnapped four Christians in Syria

Four Assyrian men that are working at Sotooro, an Assyrian security force, were kidnapped by Kurdish YPG terrorists in northeastern Syria on March 2, 2020. This kidnapping was a part of the YPG's ongoing activities against the Assyrian community in the region.


Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria and as the domination of the YPG increases in the northern parts of the country, Assyrians have been suffering under the terrorist group and have thanked Turkey for fighting against the YPG/PKK. “The operations of Turkey in northern Syria contribute to the security of our own communities,” commented Johny Messo, the head of the World Council of Arameans (Syriacs).

Speaking at the European Council upon an invitation from Turkey’s permanent representative to the council, Messo informed the audience about the brutalities and pressures of the YPG/PKK on the regional communities and minorities, including the Syriacs. It is interesting to keep in mind that despite ongoing abuse by the YPG, parties like Sweden Left Party and Christian Democrat Party continue to support the terrorist group.

Messo also said that the YPG and Daesh are both terror groups, differing only in objectives, and they sometimes even work together.


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