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Pastors hold church service despite destruction of Christian village in Nigeria

The ISWAP (Islamic State in West Africa) group terrorist attack likely in Garkida (Adamawa State), on the night of February 21, took the lives of many Christians and burnt down three Protestant temples. In one of these temples destroyed by flames, four of its leaders gathered on Sunday, February 23, to celebrate the service.

The terrorist riot destroyed churches, houses, schools and businesses in the Christian village of Garkida on February 21. Heavily armed militants broke into the church during a women’s group meeting and kidnapped some of the Christian women and left the building burned.

A local Christian leader said that, despite their anguish and shock, the pastors decided to continue meeting to show that “the building of the church might have been destroyed, but Christians, as they are the body of Christ, are the true church”.

On the day of the attack, the jihadists approached the village in the state of Adamawa “in about nine trucks and more than fifty motorcycles carrying at least two people in each,” a local eyewitness told Barnabas. The attack lasted about six hours, during which two other churches were also set on fire, a local market looted, a health center set on fire and two ambulances destroyed.

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