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Pastor left in critical condition following attack by radicals in India

Christian pastor in India’s Madhya Pradesh state was left in critical condition after being attacked by a mob of radical Hindu nationalists last week.


According to the latest reports, the pastor remains in the hospital in critical condition and has a long recovery period ahead, ICC reports.

At approximately 9:30 a.m. on March 4, Pastor Isaac Palouse’s car was surrounded by a group of radical Hindu nationalists while returning from dropping off his children at school. The 48-year-old pastor was accused by the radicals of converting Hindus to Christianity and spreading a foreign religion.

According to Pastor Palouse, the radicals then beat him severely using wooden clubs. When he fell to the ground, the radicals then rode over him with a motorcycle. As a result of the attack, Pastor Palouse sustained a severe head injury, a broken elbow, several broken ribs, and a broken hand. The radicals also damaged Pastor Palouse’s car.

The attack took place a kilometer off the main road in Sehore, so there were no individuals that could intervene. The radicals left Pastor Palouse injured on the side of the road.

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