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An Evangelical church looted in Central Germany

A 49-year-old man broke into the Evangelical Church in Ellenberg, a district of the city of Guxhagen (Hesse), on the night of Friday, March 6, 2020.


It was the organist at this place of worship who, arriving there on Saturday morning, noticed that the door had been broken.

The place of worship has been devastated: benches had been overturned, others broken, songbooks scattered on the floor, traces of fire were visible in the gallery of the church.

As Pastor Frithjof Tümmler said, a picture was damaged with a pointed object that the rioter stuck into the sacred picture. Damage also occurred to a carpet. Because of the burn marks, the volunteer fire departments from Ellenberg and Guxhagen were also called to the church. The 17 emergency services, headed by Frank Guido Schäfer, controlled the upper areas of the church and assisted the pastor and church members with the clean-up work.

Police  were alerted and quickly arrived at the scene where the vandal was still present. He was arrested, but his confused words prompted the police to take him to a mental hospital. 



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