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Jesus statue and fourteen crosses demolished in India

Another incident against the Christian community has been reported from a rural village near Bengaluru city, the capital of Karnataka state. This time, at St. Joseph Church, Mahima Betta (Mount of Glory) in the village of Devanhalli, a twelve-feet high statue of Jesus Christ atop the hill was unceremoniously removed by the local authorities. Watch video interview!


Mahima Betta is the burial place of Christians of the area. Situated on 4.5 acres of land, allotted by the Government of Karnataka for burial. This place was graced with a twelve-feet high statue of Lord Jesus Christ and other smaller statues.

During the weeks before Good Friday and Easter, Christians have prayers and devotions called the Way of the Cross conducted to meditate on the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ, and also for Reconciliation prayers, etc. These practices have been going on for the last thirty to forty years without any difficulty.

The issue spilled over recently when the Christian community there have allegedly been told not to utilise four-and-a-half acres that has been allocated for a cemetery. On Wednesday, local authorities visited the spot for inspection and they removed the statue of Sacred Heart of Jesus and the fourteen crosses that form the part of the ‘Stations of the Cross’ worship.

Please watch NDTV’s exclusive interview, talking to the Archbishop of Bengaluru Most Rev Dr Peter Machado. The Archbishop expressed his views and said that the removal of the statue was a desecration and has hurt the Christian community. 

You can read the whole article here.

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