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Mexico: evangelical Christians persecuted and forced to become refugees

Five Christian families recently lost their homes and fields in southern Mexico for not participating in traditional religious festivals. Requests for government intervention were ignored, and nearby churches are providing the displaced believers with emergency supplies and lodging.

Five families were driven out and forced to become internal refugees because they profess a faith that is not the traditional one. On October 19, 2020 thirty three evangelical Christians were forced to leave the Napite’ neighborhood of San Cristobal de las Casas.

Maria is directing the logistics of caring and providing for these brothers and sisters who are now refugees.

“We are looking at all the needs they have, but we have also talked to the government authorities about a quick solution, and the solution we want is for them to go home soon, that they will be able to return to their community and have religious freedom,” she explains.

Pastor Alberto Garcia of the King Jesus House of Prayer Baptist Church, together with Pastor Ramon Hernandez, has distributed more than six hundred pounds of basic supplies which were collected in the municipality of Las Margaritas and the city of Monterrey. The displaced had to leave behind all of their belongings.


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