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Nigerian girl escapes captors who forced marriage and conversion

On the 12th of March, the Hausa Christian Foundation (HACFO) released a statement reporting that a fifteen- year- old girl named Sadiya Amos managed to escape from kidnappers and return to her family. The Christian foundation explained that Sadiya was taken from her family in early January by a group of Muslim men in Northern Kaduna State. She was then subsequently married of to one of her abductors.


She spent the over one month in a small room with guards outside the door. She was also forced to convert to Islam. One day, her abductors accidentally left the door unlocked. When she realized this, Sadiya was able to run away and make her way back to her parents’ home.

On the 14th of March, the judge proclaimed that Sadiya was now a Muslim and married to her abductor. Sadiya was not present at the time of the hearing and the parents were not allowed to speak. All of this was done in order to protect the abductors and to enforce an illegal child marriage.

Sadiya’s parents are very grateful that their daughter was able to escape from her captors. She is now with her parents at home and considers herself a Christian. However, there are many young girls in Nigeria who are not as fortunate as Sadiya. They may never be able to escape from captors like these. 


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