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Gabon: a nun murdered in Libreville

Sister Lydie Oyane, who was in charge of the Saint John Fraternity of Libreville, a congregation of the Catholic Church, was found dead on 20th of March in her room in Libreville. It is very likely that she was the victim of an assassination.


The First Lady of Gabon, Sylvia Bongo Ondimba, wrote on social media that she is “deeply saddened by the terrible grief that has just struck the body of Christ in Gabon (…) Sister Lydie, whose whole life was devoted to serving others, is gone, the victim of an act of barbarism that took her life (…) Nothing, really nothing can justify this,” she wrote.

Sylvia Bongo Ondimba offered her condolences to her family and her religious community, at the Saint John Fraternity Reception Centre. She also sympathised with all those who at some point in their lives, found refuge and comfort in her. 

According to several sources, and ongoing investigations, it would appear this nun was brutally assaulted before her death. Her car was also stolen, along with her two mobile phones.


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