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France: church robbery goes on despite lockdowm

The Catholic churches of Mantes-la-Jolie remain open so that the faithful can come and pray there. Some people have taken advantage of this situation to rob them.


Thieves broke into the Sacred Heart Church in Mantes-la-Ville to rob it. Three video projectors were stolen as well as the contents of a safe that contained cash from the weekly collection.

This robbery so annoyed Father Matthieu Williamson, who heads the parish of Mantes-la-Jolie, that he condemned the act on Facebook and called on the thieves to turn themselves in.

“There was no break-in,” said the clergyman, “so someone must have obtained the keys to the church. This is incomprehensible behaviour at a time when the whole country lives in anguish and fear. The video projectors were installed a few weeks ago, and were gifted to us by a local association,” he explained.


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