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Relics of St. Corona will be displayed in German cathedral, but after pandemic

The Catholic cathedral in the city of Aachen, western Germany, was already planning to display the reliquary of St. Corona before the global COVID-19--also known as the novel coronavirus--pandemic struck. The shrine was to be included in an exhibit on goldwork and gold craftsmanship, and has not been able to be viewed by the public for the past 25 years.


Historic German cathedral in Aachen pays tribute to little-known ‘patron saint of pandemics’ – called St Corona.

The saint’s name, Corona, comes from the Latin word for “crown.” She is also known as St. Stephanie, derived from the Greek word stephanos, which also means “crown.” The subfamily of viruses known as “coronaviruses” were named for their resemblance to crowns. 

St. Corona is believed to have been martyred as a 16-year old in the second century, but few details are known about her. Tradition holds that her martyrdom occurred after she, hearing that St. Vincent was being tortured for his Christian faith, confessed her own faith and was subsequently executed. 

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Featured picture shows Restorer Luke Jonathan Koeppe and the shrine with the relics of Saint Corona.

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