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USA: two young men desecrate a cemetery by “doing doughnuts” with a car

In North Carolina, two 20-year-old men are facing felony charges for the desecration of graves after they allegedly performed a series of stunts in a cemetery, including “doing doughnuts” among the tombstones, the Columbus County Sheriff's Office says.


Investigators say the act of desecration took place in the Bellevue Cemetery on Thursday the 19th of March in Chadbourn.

The sheriff’s office says two men were driving in the cemetery, taking turns driving a Chevrolet Tahoe in circles and spinning tires. Approximately sixteen grave plots and headstones were reported damaged or covered in mud along with multiple floral arrangements.

The two young men named Quinn Walters and Austin Rockwell may have to pay a fine of several thousand dollars, officials said. “The case is still under investigation at this time and further charges may be pending,” according to the sheriff’s office. 


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