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Despite hostility and rising nationalism, the Church in India continues to grow

A new report has warned of increasing attacks on Christians in India, much of it at the hands of Hindu nationalists. Kumar Swamy, National General Secretary of the All-India Christian Council, described more about the situation in a recent interview with Release International, an organisation supporting persecuted Christians worldwide.


“The typical average Hindu sees Christianity as a western religion; it is a British religion, it is an American religion; Jesus is a Western God. This is a totally false notion or concept, as we all know,”Kumar Swamy explained.

Despite having been subjected to several acts of violence for his faith by radical Hindu nationalists, Kumar Swany remained faithful to God and sees the future of Christianity in his country with optimism.

“I am really blessed and boosted up, encouraged and empowered as I see people coming to Christ in the midst of persecution. In the midst of attack, the church is growing. So that’s the biggest encouragement for me, and that’s my basic motivation to just press on with Jesus in the midst of persecution,” he added.

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