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House of Christian father demolished by armed men in Pakistan

On March 15, a group of influential Muslims in the Kachi Abadi neighborhood of Okara, located in Pakistan’s Punjab province, demolished the home of a poor Christian family, International Christian Concern has learned.


According to local reports, the home belonged to Nadeem Sohotra, a 30-year-old sanitation worker and father of three children, ICC reported.

On March 15, Sohotra and his family were away visiting relatives when one of Sohotra’s Muslim friends informed him that his house was being bulldozed.

“When I reached my home, I saw some unknown armed men were demolishing my house and looting the valuables,” Sohotra explained to ICC. “I tried to stop them, but one of the armed men shouted at me and threatened me at gunpoint.”

Another man then said that he was not allowed to live in the neighborhood because he was Christian and the rest of his neighbors were Muslims. The man then told Sohotra he could stay if he was willing to convert to Islam.

After reporting the incident, the case of Nadeem Sohotra is still pending.

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