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Every day, 4 Christians in Nigeria die for following Jesus

Every day, 4 Christians die in Nigeria, due to terror attacks. Open Doors reports the story of Victoria, a Christian woman, who saw Boko Haram terrorists killing her husband.


Open Doors reports:

For Victoria, that pain began the day Boko Haram took her northern Nigerian village of Dzangola by surprise. She remembers how the militants were dressed in the uniforms of Nigerian soldiers. Before she and her husband could react, the fighters had surrounded them. The extremists took her husband and carried him to the roadside. Victoria cried out for mercy, but they pushed her aside and killed her husband. All she could do was lie by his side and weep.    

Living without a husband in Nigeria comes with incredible challenges“The pain of the heart cannot leave just like that,” she says. “Sometimes you just remember all the tragic events—and when things are not coming in for food or school fees, I feel pain”.

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