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France: a church in Brest is vandalised and robbed

"The doors will remain open, they will not win," declares Father Jean-Baptiste Gless, the parish priest of Saint-Laurent Church in Lambézellec, who discovered on Sunday that his church had been robbed and vandalised.


The damage and theft took place between 10:15 am and 11:15 am. A parishioner restored order before Father Jean-Baptiste Gless returned.

“I leave the doors of the church open so that the faithful can gather and pray peacefully. They will remain open, they will not win,” warns Father Gless.

Every morning, since the beginning of the national lockdown, the parish priest has been interceding for his parishioners. “I pray for them and celebrate Mass for them every day alone in the closed church,” Fr. Gless explains.

At the outset of the lockdown period, the parish priest made a banner and hung it on the facade of the presbytery. It read: “Take care of yourself– everyone, we are praying for you.” Signed: The parish priest and his parishioners.”


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