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Sri Lankan authorities arrest major suspect linked to 2019 Easter bombings

According to World Watch Monitor, detectives in Sri Lanka arrested a man last month who is suspected of participating in the 2019 terror attack on churches and hotels. The attack remains the single largest attack on Sri Lanka’s Christian population in the country’s history.


The man arrested is suspected of being the ‘handler’ of the bomber who attacked Zion Protestant Church in Batticaloa, located in eastern Sri Lanka. The man is suspected is providing transport for that bomber as well as assisting the bomber who attacked St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital.

Over 90 individuals suspected of being involved in the attacks are currently being held by Sri Lankan authorities. Investigators used cellphone records and statements from suspects to identify and arrest these individuals.

Many Christian families remain deeply affected by the 2019 bombings. The loss of loved ones and severe injuries are an ever-present reminder of the bombings that took place almost one year ago.

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