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Iranian soccer referee seeking asylum in Sweden is accused of “Christian propaganda”

The third soccer referee that comes from the Faghani family, Mohammad Reza Faghani, has formally announced that he is seeking asylum in Sweden, Mohabat News reported recently.


According to Mohabat News, Mohammad Reza Faghani traveled to Norway and then to Sweden in the winter of 2018. 

His older brother, who is the most respected referee in Iranian soccer history, went on trial in an Iranian court, accused of shaking hands with women at a stadium. Alireza eventually threatened to leave Iran permanently for another country.

As he explained, the Iranian federation’s security committee opened a case against him and continually harassed him because of his refereeing in the final of the Olympiad of Armenia.

Speaking to Mohabat News, Mohammad Reza said that “I refereed the Olympiad of Armenia twice and Alireza once. They asked me, why do they always want you to referee the final game? Why did you post your refereeing on Instagram? It was unbelievable for me, but I realized from their descriptions that this was considered a kind of Christian propaganda and they even insisted that I might have become a Christian. There were numerous examples like this.”

As reported by International Christian Concern, Iran’s aggression towards Christianity continues to deepen, as the government views it as a threat to Islamic rule. Over the last twelve months there have been increased reports about the government pressuring Muslims, simply because of their association with someone who is Christian.


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