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Sudan still waiting for justice

It has been a year since Bashir was overthrown as president in Sudan due to pressure from large protests which started in December 2018. During some of these protests however, dozens of citizens, many of them Christians, were killed by security forces who had been instructed to stop the movement. Despite excessive use of force at peaceful protests, none of those involved has been held accountable.


Promises have been made by the new transitional government to hold the leaders of those who committed the atrocities accountable. Yet, more than a year later, the families of those killed are still waiting for justice.

The transitional government has made some moves to block many of Bashir’s supporters from returning to power in the civilian government. These efforts however have not been effective in removing military leadership.

There have even been rumors that there may be another military coup in the near future led by some of the military leadership. If this happens, then it is likely that all of the gains that Sudan has made toward freedom and peace will vanish.



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