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Archbishop of Damascus: Easter buried beneath the war and coronavirus in Syria

The coronavirus emergency in the middle of Lent "buried us at the bottom of a deep pit" as if "ten years of war" had not already been enough, said Maronite Archbishop of Damascus Samir Nassar.


Speaking to Asia News, he recounted the atmosphere of Easter in a country marked by conflicts, extremist violence, sanctions by the United States and Europe and the Covid-19  pandemic.

Up to now, the official number of infected people is 25 and two have died. 

“A light of peace – the Archbishop continues – illuminates our dark cave. The coronavirus has silenced weapons and violence. A rare calm reigns on all fronts, a calm that all peace talks and world powers have failed to find.”

At this stage, says the prelate, we witnessed “a rediscovery of family life, a light that restores its lost values ​​to the domestic Church” in a modern context that exalted self-centeredness, solitude and supremacy of the individual.

The number of Christians in Syria decreases every year

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Photo: Bernard Gegnon (public domain)

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