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The suffering of Christian ethnic minorities in Myanmar: clashes and victims in civil conflicts

In the last month over 50 civilians have been killed in conflicts between autonomists and the central State in various regions of Myanmar, especially in the federated States of Chin and Rakhine, Fides news agency reports.


In Chin at least 29 people died due to guerrilla and military operations which hit the Township of Paletwa (Matupi district) twice where, in April, the Christian village of Nanchaungwa was targeted by the aviation of “Tatmadaw”, as the army of Myanmar is called. The toll of the raid on April 7 is seven dead and 8 injured, but the area had already been hit on the weekend of March 14-15, when at least 21 inhabitants were killed after army fighters opened fire on four villages mostly inhabited by Christians, always in the Paletwa district, wounding dozens of people and causing the escape of about 2 thousand residents to a nearby city.

If war does not make a distinction of belief, the fact that in many areas of Myanmar Christians – and among them Catholics – pay a high price in areas remains, where the presence of the Catholic Church is widespread.

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