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Algeria’s religious minorities are being restricted

In the recent weeks, ICC’s Advocacy department has worked tirelessly to bring the realities of persecution in Algeria to light in Washington, D.C. As ICC advocates in D.C. for the realization of the freedoms technically guaranteed in the Algerian constitution, it is clear that another agenda is at play which seeks to persecute, limit, and oppress Algeria’s religious minorities - especially Christians.


Recently, ICC Advocacy team had an opportunity sit down with the leadership of the evangelical Christian community in Algeria and interview them about the difficulties that they are facing. A number of their churches have been closed recently as Algeria begins to enforce a series of oppressive measures designed to limit the ability of Christians to worship.

Much of the oppression stems from the Law on Non-Muslim Worship, also known as Ordinance 06-03. This legal statute governs non-Muslim worship, requiring that all non-Muslim worship be conducted in buildings that are specially approved for that purpose.

The statute establishes the National Commission for non-Muslim Worship, a group theoretically designated as the mechanism by which non-Muslim places of worship could get themselves approved. However, the Commission has yet to meet much less approve a single application.

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