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Fulani militants kill four in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Another attack took place on 19 April in the town of Angwan Magaji, Kaduna State, Nigeria. This attack is believed to have been perpetrated by Fulani Militants who attacked late that afternoon around 6:30 pm. The attack took the lives of four Christians.


During the attack, which lasted for more than two hours, the gunmen also destroyed at least 38 houses, leaving many families without homes. This is especially dangerous during this time of pandemic when isolation could mean the difference between getting the virus and not. They assailants not only targeted the local’s homes, but also their food stores and other essential supplies.

They burned down and destroyed as much of the local’s food in order to make it impossible for them to stay in the village any longer.

This tactic has been used by Fulani militants for years, but has increased greatly in the past three. They destroy homes and storages so that the communities have to flee. Often after the locals leave the land, many herders enter the area and start to graze the herds.

The Nigerian Military did nothing to secure the area or return families to their rightful homes.

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