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Newlywed couple and others abducted from wedding at church in Nigeria

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On April 12, a couple was holding their wedding in the town of Tegina Kabata in Niger State of Nigeria. According to Morningstar News, the couple and many of those who were attending their wedding were taken by armed gunmen believed to be Fulani militants as the pastor was conducting the ceremony.


A local resident said that those who were not able to escape out of the church were taken and no news has been reported about their current situation. In another series of attacks, the same town lost at least five individuals to Fulani militant attacks.

The continuation of Attacks in Nigeria is causing mass devastation amongst Christian communities. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have displaced throughout the Middle Belt due to the violence.

Many of these people are subsistence farmers who need access to their land in order to provide even the most basic needs for their families such as food and clothing. When they become Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), they often have to flee to large cities or to other family. They then become a burden on those families, further increasing the strain on communities not directly affected by the violence.

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