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Pope: There are more martyrs and people persecuted than in the first centuries

Asia News — Pope Francis reaffirmed during his general audience address on Wednesday that there are more martyrs today that there were in the first centuries..


There are many Christians who suffer because of religious persecution, for professing a faith that is in the core of one’s belief. 

During his general audience, dedicated to the eighth Beatitude, Pope Francis highlighted the fate of the persecuted, Asia News reported.

“If the world lives based on money, whoever demonstrates that life can be fulfilled through giving and renouncing becomes bothersome to this system of greed,” he stressed. 

Pope Francis recalled the journey of St. Paul who thought he was a faithful, obedient person but was actually a persecutor. After his conversion, he became a man of love, who happily faced hardships and suffered persecution.

According to current data, the number of Christians persecuted for their faith is over 245 million.

“We express our closeness to these brothers and sisters: we are one body, and these Christians are the bleeding members of the body of Christ, which is the Church,” the Bishop of Rome added. 

“In persecutions, there is always the presence of Jesus who accompanies us, the presence of Jesus who consoles us, and the strength of the Holy Spirit who helps us to go ahead,” the Pope said.

International Conference on Christian Persecution convenes in Budapest

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