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Coronavirus pandemic means more abuse of Christians all around the world

Reports have appeared in recent weeks indicating that the coronavirus is furnishing a new pretext in the Islamic word to discriminate against, and even persecute, religious minorities, chiefly Christians. Pictured: Food aid distribution by Saylani, Welfare International Trust in Karachi, Pakistan.


According to an April 29 report, “in countries such as Ethiopia Christians are denied the resources of the community, which is mainly composed of Muslims. These minorities are excluded from society, making it difficult to provide them with help or support.” A separate report notes that in Muslim-majority Uzbekistan, Christians “have been denied aid because of their religion.” 

Then, millions of Christians living in northern Nigeria’s Kaduna State, “report they get six times smaller rations from the state than Muslim families. Believers we talked to shared that a Christian family of four receives a grossly inadequate ration of a single packet of noodles and one small plate of uncooked rice.” — Open Doors, April 17, 2020.

The situation for sub-Saharan Christians is further exacerbated by “specific targeting by Islamic radical groups like Boko Haram, ISIS, Fulani militants and the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) across the region has displaced many thousands of Christians.” Such Christians are now living in crowded and hard to reach refugee camps where they are “suffer[ing] intensely without water, sanitation and hygiene,” making them extra susceptible to contracting the deadly virus.

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