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India: tribal animists beat Christians for refusing to renounce their faith and sacrifice animals

A large mob of tribal animists in India brutally beat Christians who refused to comply with demands to sacrifice their animals to tribal deities and renounce their faith.


Morning Star News reports that in March, a mob of around 120 villagers led by tribal leaders in Metapal village in Dantewada District showed up at Santuram Markam’s home with their demands. Animists worship gods based on ancestors, spirits, and nature.

“The village council summoned us to a meeting demanding we bring a goat, pig, hen, coconut, incense sticks and cash of 5,000 rupees (USD 66) as sacrificial offerings to the tribal deities,” Markam told Morning Star News. When they refused to give in to their demands, the mob again barged into Markam’s home the following night and began beating his aged parents, he said.

“I escaped from there and ran into the woods,” he explained. “I will go back only after knowing that the situation has improved. I am terrified to go back there now. They beat us yesterday, and they came again today. My Christian neighbour Raju Podiyami and his family also came under attack today.”

Superintendent of Police of Dantewada District Abhishek Pallava reportedly told the newspaper that because police were exhausted from working extra hours due to the coronavirus, they were unable to address the situation promptly.



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