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The cross of Pic Saint-Loup has been cut down in France

The famous iron cross which rises above the summit of Pic Saint-Loup in France was cut down one metre from its base.


This symbol of the region of Languedoc Hérault, visible from Montpellier on a clear day, now leans dangerously into a canyon at the top of a 300m cliff. A hiking trail that passes near the cross has been closed until further notice.

The perpetrators failed to fully disengage the metal structure from its base, which did not, as they hoped, fall into the abyss below. It is difficult to know with what tools they carried out this atrocity which has outraged Christians, locals and many others.

Pic Saint-Loup stretches for six kilometres and spans the municipalities of Cazevieille, Mas-de-Londres, Saint-Jean-de-Cuculles, Valfaunès and Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers. It was erected on the territory of the latter municipality.

Local police are investigating the matter while elected officials and the local population agree that the cross should be rebuilt according to the original design. Hatred towards the cross has literally reached a peak in France!



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