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Christian persecution reaches beyond the grave

Residents of Naktoka village of Bastar district in India who follow a mix of tribal religion and Hinduism threatened to kill followers of Jesus if they tried to give a Christian burial for one of their recently deceased family member in the community graveyard.


“A mob of more than 100 villagers opposed the burial of Bhima Kashyap in the graveyard allotted for villagers, accusing him of adopting foreign faith,” Pastor Guptaram Kawasi said. “The Christian family was put under immense pressure to perform his last rites as per the Hindu and tribal traditions followed in the Indian village.”

Villagers told the family they must undergo a reconversion ritual in order to perform last rites, Pastor Kawasi continued. As he said:

“They threatened that they would kill everybody present at Kashyap’s home if they proceeded against the village’s customs,” .

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