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‘Neutral’ status of Hagia Sofia threatened by Turkish wish to transform it into a mosque

Originally Hagia Sofia was an Orthodox sacred place of worship. Not long ago Turkey began transforming the basilica into a mosque. This would endanger the "neutral" status of the church that currently operates as a museum.


Istanbul’s historic Hagia Sofia church, currently operating as a museum, is once again being threatened with transformation into a mosque, International Christian Concern reported. 

The Diyanet Bir-Sen (Religious and Foundation Employees’ Union) had this month called for the first Friday prayer after COVID-19 to be performed in Hagia Sofia. 

Since the novel coronavirus broke out, Turkey has taken advantage of social restrictions and broadcast the muezzin (Islamic call to prayer) in the Hagia Sophia.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire and as part of the modernisation process, the cathedral was turned into a museum in 1935.

Interview: Could the former basilica of Hagia Sophia again become a mosque?

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