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Christian publishers encourage people to support Christian bookshops to save them

Christian bookshops are facing survival problems due to the lockdown as people buy from bigger chains but a publisher has written a list of 25 physical shops you can support who are still posting books.


Sacristy Press, who publish history and theology books, is encouraging people to support small independent Christian bookshops who are struggling, reports. Richard Hilton, one of the founding directors of Sacristy Press, said:

“More people than ever are turning to the big online retailers during the lockdown, but many Christian bookshops are fighting for their survival. Now more than ever they need us to shop with them. They will appreciate any support.

Others have also encouraged Christians to buy religious books from Christian companies to keep them afloat.

Aude Pasquier, Retail Sales Director at Church House Bookshop in Westminster, said: “Like many high-street bookshops, we have been taking orders over the phone and through our website during the lockdown. We are very grateful to Sacristy Press for their vital help and enthusiasm for Christian bookselling in such testing times.”

Here is the list of Christian bookshops in the UK: 
Aquila Fellowship Trust Christian Bookshop (Launceston)

Books Alive (Hove)

Books Plus (Gloucester)

Bridge Books (Exeter)

Calne Christian Bookshop (Wiltshire)

Churches Boohshop (Isle of Man)

Church House Bookshop (London)

CLC Sheffield

Faith Mission Bookshops (Scotland & NI)

Goodnews Books (Luton)

Illuminate Christian Books and Media (Shrewsbury)

Keith Jones Bookshop (Bournemouth)

The King’s Storeroom (Kingston-upon-Thames)

LivingStones (Fleet)

Manna Christian Centre (London)

The Methodist Book Centre (Stoke-on-Trent)

Oasis Bookshop (Wisbech)

Oasis Christian Centre (Romsey)

Ossett Christian Bookshop

Peterborough Christian Bookshop

Preston Christian Resource Centre

Quench Christian Bookshops (Berkshire)

Ritchie Christian Media (Kilmarnock)

Scroll Eaters (Stroud)

Tanglewood Trust Christian Bookshop (Shetland)

Way, Truth & Life Bible Bookshop (Wolverhampton)

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