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Abortion giant accepted millions of dollars from pornographic filmmaker

Abortion giant Marie Stopes International has received millions of dollars from pornographic tycoon Phil Harvey, who sponsors the contraceptive industry around the world, according to a report in the British "Mail on Sunday".


Phil Harvey is an American entrepreneur. He owns the Adam & Eve company, which sells pornographic films, condoms and so-called sex toys. In 2019 alone, Harvey sold about 70 million dollars of this type of material. The entrepreneur is also involved in distributing free or very cheap condoms around the world, especially in developing countries such as African countries or India.

According to information published in the pages of “Mail on Sunday”, Harvey has financially supported the abortion giant Mary Stopes International since 1995. In total, this company, which kills about five million unborn children annually, has received over $9 million, in cash or commodities from him.

The abortion giant boasts of receiving help from a pornographic tycoon. “Phil Harvey spent his life defending reproductive and sexual rights and health. We are proud to continue supporting our organization, “Marie Stopes International representatives said in an interview with the British newspaper. According to, Harvey also has a website that has a huge number of pornographic films.

Alithea Williams of the British pro-life organisation SPUC says it is “disgusting that Marie Stopes International claims to serve women and girls while receiving millions of dollars from a man who derives income from the exploitation of women through pornography.


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