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Remembrance day for victims of communist genocide in Cambodia

"Catholics in Cambodia do not want to return to the communist crimes of the genocide in an attitude of anger and with a desire to retaliate," said Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler on the occasion of the annual day commemorating the two million victims of Khmer Rouge.


It is officially celebrated as a day of anger. However, the Church does not agree with this approach. It experiences it as a day of remembrance, martyrs and reconciliation.

The head of the Catholic Church in Cambodia noted that the memory of the crimes of communism is “the duty of Catholics.”

Their first native bishop in this country, Joseph Chhmar Salas, in his last words before capture and martyrdom, asked that the world be told what he had experienced. Today, he opens a list of fourteen martyrs whose beatification process is underway since 2015.

Bishop Schmitthaeusler recalls that this year is the thirtieth anniversary of the rebirth of the Church in Cambodia. 


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