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Cardinal Müller: “Some forces want use the pandemic to suppress the church”

In an interview with the Catholic TV station EWTN, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller warned of "global players who are against the Catholic Church because they advocate life, family and freedom."


In an interview published on Thursday by Raymond Arroyo, the German prelate noted that some forces want to instrumentally use the coronavirus pandemic to “suppress the Catholic Church.”

“Safety of life is not the only value. We also have spiritual values. We cannot completely isolate the entire population. In our lives we experience other diseases and other dangers. We cannot completely close ourselves in our homes, “noted the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

“We cannot narrow down human existence, also in a materialistic dimension, as if we were able to build a paradise on earth,” Cardinal Müller continued. He added that the state cannot prohibit religious worship because it belongs to the sphere of elementary human rights.

He further emphasised that the task of pastors is to “show people a perspective of hope and to remind that even in the face of sickness, suffering and death we have a wider perspective than just worldliness”.


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