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Islamist criminal who kidnapped a Christian acquitted in Pakistan

A Muslim man kidnapped a fourteen-year-old Christian girl, forced her to renounce her faith and to marry him. The case was examined by a Pakistani Court, which stated that "the man had all grounds for such action and did not break the law."


“Maira Shahbaz was kidnapped by a Muslim man when she was alone at home. In the court, the man presented falsified marriage documents from 2019. The court accepted the arguments of the kidnapper. Perhaps he was motivated by the fact that 150 Muslims gathered in court and, under their pressure, issued such a verdict,” said Konrad Ciempka from the Aid to the Church in Need in an interview with the Polish Catholic television TV Trwam.

It was similar to Asia Bibi, who was accused of blasphemy. She was eventually acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan but had to flee to Canada because Islamists demanded her death.


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