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Abductors of Egyptian Christian woman apprehended by police

An Egyptian Christian woman, Rania Abd el-Messiah, was kidnapped on 23rd of April and was seen in a video announcing her conversion to Islam a few days later.


Rania Abd el-Messiah, an Egyptian Christian woman was kidnapped on the 23rd of April and converted to Islam. However, there was no evidence to suggest that she wished to do so and circumstances indicate that she was acting under pressure.

According to International Christian Concern, local Egyptian news are circulating with fresh rumors regarding the kidnapping and forced conversion of Rania. While her brother reportedly denied that Rania has been returned home, local police have detained three individuals accused of kidnapping Rania.

At the end of April, Rania’s brother told local media that

“my sister was wearing the a crucifix around her neck when she left home. So if she wanted to convert to Islam, she would have left the necklace at home”.

Egyptian Christian woman kidnapped and presumably forced to convert

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Photo is courtesy of Pixabay.

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