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Attacks on Christians skyrocketing in Spain

Persecution of Christians and desecration of their sacred places are surging in Spain, according to a report issued by a Spanish watchdog group. The Observatory for Religious Freedom and Conscience (OLRC), which recently published the article, found that in 2019, 80% of all attacks targeted Christians with 73.7% of that percentage targeting Catholics, specifically.


“Christians are discriminated against and sometimes physically attacked violently, and their churches suffer vandalism and desecration continuously,” OLRC president Marcia García said in a press release.

While the majority of the attacks have targeted 140 Christians, eight have been directed against Muslims and three have been directed against Jews. 

The report numbers also demonstrate “a radical secularism that tries to eliminate all [religious affiliations] from the public space, as well as their representatives and followers,” says the president of the OLRC, referring to attacks categorised as non-denominational. 

A tally of aggressive acts directed against Catholics included 46 attacks overall: three cases of physical violence, thirteen cases of harassment, 22 cases of derision of religion and 45 instances of militant secularism.

One case highlighted in the report is that of two young anarcho-feminists, a group dedicated to the destruction of patriarchy, family and authority, had painted a church with the phrase: “The only church that illuminates is the one that burns,” along with an anarcho-feminist symbol.


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