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Pope Francis to Catholics: “Do not fear persecution!”

On Sunday, Pope Francis encouraged Christians to fear sin, not the hostility, violence, or persecution they may face when sharing the Gospel with the world.


Speaking before the Angelus prayer, he said, “there is no need to be frightened of those who seek to extinguish the evangelising force with arrogance and violence.”

The Pope also spoke about the many Christians persecuted around the world even today. “They suffer for the Gospel with love, they are the martyrs of our day,” he said. But those who persecute “can do nothing against the soul,” he pointed out, emphasising that no one can take away one’s union with God.

“The only fear which a disciple should have is to lose this divine gift, this closeness to and friendship with God, to stop living according to the Gospel, thereby experiencing moral death, which is the effect of sin,” he stated.

Francis said spiritual aridity is another trial Christians can face, but “we must not be afraid of it. The Father takes care of us because we are greatly valued in His eyes.”

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